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So…. (by Admin BNB)

As you probably have noticed, I haven’t been posting much lately….But I’m still here! I help Admin Em write LIF and always check RScenarios usually 2-3 times whenever I’m on.

I just truly have been very busy. So busy in fact I didn’t go on tumblr for 48 hours O.O Even though I haven’t been posting scenarios, I still usually go on my personal tumblr 3-4 times a day, but recently…


Yeah this happened.

And unfortunately, things won’t calm down in the slightest until around the 15th of this month. :(


However, today is my 17th birthday and I plan to hopefully take a little time right now and write up a scenario for you guys :D


And if you want to do anything for me…just send lovely asks or something xD

Lots of love and kisses,


Admin BNB~


Anonymous asked:

hey! umm I just wanted to know how the progress for the Jongup request is going :)

It’s still in the works, since I’ve been trying to think of some situations he can find you in before telling you how awesome you are. I know Admin BNB has been playing with the idea as well, but she’s been pretty busy.

Sorry for the wait

-Admin Em

TOP- Forgetful

It seems like it’s been forever since a Big Bang scenario was posted so, have some TOP! Requested by an anon for when TOP forgets your date and, well, I won’t spoil it haha -Admin Em

You spent almost an hour getting ready for the date. That was almost three hours ago and your boyfriend still hadn’t come to get you like he’d promised. The dinner reservations he told you he made went to waste since you’d refused to go without him in case he showed up. Right now you’re changing into pajamas because it’s close to ten o’clock and far too late to go out. You sigh to yourself as you find a snack since there’s no way you’ll go to bed hungry. As you eat some fruit you keep an eye on the door, hoping that he’s going to walk in, but the door never opens. “Where are you Choi Seunghyun?” You ask, even though there’s no way he can hear you.

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