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[MV] LUNAFLY(루나플라이) _ YEOWOOYA(여우야) (by LOENENT)

For the RReaders who don’t yet know much about Lunafly and are killing an hour on Tumblr until Badman is released here’s their new MV released last night called Yeowooya. It’s basically them being cool overseas.

For those who need it

Yun=guy on thumbnail/nerd glasses and always carrying guitar darked haired one

Teo=other dark haired one

Sam=blonde one with the amazing British accent omo

And if you want to make a Lunafly request just pop over and ask! Although Admin Bunny likes fluff more since she nor the other admins can see these beautiful innocent boys doing super angsty things since their so NICE.

Enjoy :)

Admin BNB

O.Bias- Tteokbokki Cravings

Request by jaylikesdabutt. Enjoy the writings that I haven’t been doing so much…

Admin BNB 

“Oppa~” you whined and shook your sleeping husband.

“What?” he groaned, rolling over to face you.

“I’m hungry.”

“You’re always hungry. There’s food in the kitchen if you need it,” he mumbled, laying a hand on your protruding round stomach.

“No, I want tteokbokki. We don’t have that in the house,” you pouted.

“Jagi, it’s almost midnight. Can’t it wait until tomorrow?”

“No it can’t. You know how harsh these cravings get. Could you please go out and bring me some?” you asked nicely.

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