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Anonymous asked:

Hiie Admin! Uhmm since its my first time asking a request but uhmm can you do a BAP angst scenario? Pretty please? Kamsahaminda~~

Thank you for requesting for the first time, but could you be more specific so we know which member you would like or if there is a certain topic to the angst?

-Admin Em

Daehyun-Please Don’t Make Me

Wrote this for a contest sometime back and now I’m posting it on here. Enjoy!

Admin BNB~

“Daehyun! Put on these pants right now!”

“No. I don’t want to.” He whined through the door.

Eyes rolled at the closed door you were forced to talk through. It was less than an hour before the boys were up to perform and your close stylist unnie had to call you over to help her handle Daehyun.

She had been the BAP stylist since their debut and he just loved to give her a hard time. When you had first began your stylist venture you were her assistant during BAP’s debut. The group had grown to know you well, and still to this day, Daehyun would only listen to you.

When desperate times called for desperate measures, unnie called you.

And once again, here you were.


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Anonymous asked:

Heey there admin! Am just asking when are you updating Love Inside Farewell? Its really an awesome chapter and I cant really wait! Unless you tell me that it has ended? Please reply~ Thank You~

Hello anon,

Love Inside Farewell is still being written (we’re in the middle of the next chapter but admin BNB and i have been busy…) So, hopefully once I have access to a real laptop (I’m on my iPod) I can work on it or Admin BNB will be able too.

Sorry there is no definite answer and for the wait.

-Admin Em


Anonymous asked:

Just an uplifting comment. I really love everything you guys wrote so far. I even liked some people who I disliked at first thanks to your writing. Please keep doing what you do as long as you enjoy it! FIGHTING!

Why, thank you Anon :) You make me all warm and fuzzy on the inside!! xD


~Admin Bunny

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